After five years of development, we at TINGALA discovered that by using only the freshest Tingflowers, 100 proof spirits and a secret proprietary process, we can fully embrace the heights of what is possible in nature and in a liqueur.

A bottle of Tingala Liqueur and glasses

TINGALA liqueur is 100 Proof 50% alcohol by volume.

Legend has it that
the Wasp is the source of the Tingflower's
mysterious tingle.
A wasp sitting on top of a pollen bunch

Ancient tribes in the Amazon River basin region believed that a wasp’s sting gave the Tingflower its tingling taste. They called the flower "the Wasp."

We call it Tingala

The Amazon River
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From the Amazon River Basin to the world of cocktails, TINGALA is the most extraordinary new innovation in the world of spirits.
TINGALA’s natural tingling flavor offers drinkers of fine liqueurs a unique flavor experience. TINGALA is the first liqueur in the world made from Tingflowers, which are native to the Amazon River Basin region of Peru and Brazil.
TINGALA is hand-crafted and batch-made in Colorado from 100 proof spirits, fresh, hand-picked Tingflowers and other natural ingredients. TINGALA contains no artificial ingredients or colors.
How to Drink Tingala

If you have not had TINGALA before, try it first in small sips. It has a surprisingly intense tingling, even numbing flavor! Savor it first in the front of your mouth and on your lips to notice the amazing tingle. The tingle lasts for a few minutes.

You can enjoy TINGALA with your favorite mixers and garnishes. TINGALA is an excellent addition to a variety of mixed drinks. It heightens the botanicals in gin. It also works well in hot drinks such as hot apple cider and in cooling summer drinks.

Try a shot of TINGALA as a shot on the side with a Colorado craft beer such as a Pilsner or India Pale Ale. TINGALA brings out the beer’s flavor and effervescence!

TINGALA is refreshing. It has a fetching, complex, herbal-floral flavor that goes well with many foods. Try pairing TINGALA with APPETIZERS, especially salty foods, cheeses, chocolate, fruits.

Garnish Suggestions:
Try TINGALA with an orange, lime or pineapple slice, edible flower, or cinnamon stick.

The Amazon River
Enjoy the TINGALA taste experience!

You already know the sparkle of carbonation, the chill of peppermint, the fire of jalapeno. Now embrace the tingle of TINGALA — a flavor quality you have never before experienced.

The flavor of TINGALA liqueur showcases its unique tingling taste.

People want to know what the tingling flavor is and where it comes from. Simply put, the tingling taste comes from Tingflowers cultivated especially for TINGALA. Fresh, tropical Tingflower buds are the source of the bright herbal and floral flavors in TINGALA and are also rich in a natural tingling flavor.

The tingle invites you to try it. The flavor brings you back.
From the Rainforest
Tingflowers are native to the Amazon rainforest of Brazil and surrounding areas and grow abundantly there as well as in other warm parts of the world. Millions of other plants, species, and microorganisms in the rainforest could still be undiscovered.
The Tingle
Drinkers taste the tingle of TINGALA via normal taste receptors on the tongue, but also through specialized nerve receptors which carry the flavor to the brain.

The body detects the tingling flavor of TINGALA through a process called Chemesthesis. This mechanism is a chemical sensibility of the skin and other membranes.

Chemesthesis occurs when a chemical compound in a food or drink, such as that found in Tingflowers, activates nerve receptors associated with pain, touch or thermal perception and the flavor experience reaches the brain. Major cranial nerves known as the trigeminal nerves provide the pathways along which the chemical impulses travel to the brain. Trigeminal nerve fibers are present in all types of skin, and so chemesthesis occurs in the mouth, lips, and the respiratory passages, allowing people to taste TINGALA via all of these pathways.

Crafted from fresh flowers.

No artificial ingredients.

The Taste

Spicy, pungent or piquant tastes derive from chemicals that stimulate the trigeminal receptors in the body. Examples of chemesthesis-based flavor are the cooling taste of menthol in mint, the heat of capsaicin in chili peppers or piperine in black pepper, and the fizz of carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages.

While relatively new in Western culinary traditions, some cultures consider pungency a sixth taste. This is in addition to the basic five flavors generally recognized as: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami, the flavor associated with savory foods such as meat, cheese, grains and beans.

Tingflower and other bright or spicy natural ingredients have long played an important role in cooking in other parts of the world, especially in equatorial or sub-tropical climates.

One example of such cuisine is the northern Brazilian dish Tacaca in which one of the main ingredients is a native variety of Tingflowers. Tacaca is one of the best-loved and most widely prepared dishes in the state of Para which borders the Atlantic at the mouth of the Amazon River. This is the area of the world to which Tingflowers are native. The hot stew is made from wild manioc, dried shrimp, yellow peppers and greens. The broth is popular for its tongue-numbing tingle!

Our spirits masters in Colorado make TINGALA liqueur from Tingflowers and other all-natural ingredients. These come together in a balanced blend of flavors, keeping TINGALA’s tingling taste at the forefront. TINGALA liqueur is an exciting new innovation in the world of fine alcoholic beverages.

The tingle invites you to try it. The flavor brings you back.

A bottle of Tingala Liqueur
Extraordinary ingredients. Amazing taste.

TINGALA is made from flowers with a unique natural tingling flavor. Growers in the U.S. carefully cultivate Tingflowers for us and ship them freshly harvested overnight to Denver, Colorado where we make TINGALA. This amazing plant is native to the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, which is recognized as the richest and most biodiverse of the world‘s rainforests.

Tingflowers, the most aromatic and intensely flavored of the more than 40 species of its plant genus, are the only flowers we use in making TINGALA. Tingflowers are perennial in warm climates. The plant grows to about 1 to 2 feet in height and produces small flowers with full yellow buds and barely noticeable petals. The characteristic tingling flavor is concentrated in the cone-shaped buds. We use only the best, freshest, and hand-picked flowers for the production of TINGALA.

For Cocktails
TINGALA redefines liqueurs by offering a potent new taste ideal for mixing.
At 100 proof (50% alcohol by volume), TINGALA makes an excellent cocktail ingredient.
Its distinctive tingling flavor comes through vigorously in mixed drinks! Most other liqueurs are 50 to 70 proof. With floral and cinnamon notes, TINGALA is more complex than some other liqueurs, and it is only slightly sweetened. TINGALA adds an exciting dimension to the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages, whether used in traditional drinks or as a basis for inventive, new cocktails.
Where the Jungle Meets the Mountains

TINGALA is made in Denver, Colorado where our spirits masters hand-craft our liqueur in small batches. We make TINGALA from Tingflowers. The exotic flowers — and the legend surrounding them — are native to a warm jungle climate half a world away, but the inspiration for TINGALA spirits was our own. We spent five years developing, testing and perfecting our recipe for TINGALA.

We produce TINGALA with our friends and partners at Mile High Spirits, located in Denver’s River North neighborhood, at 2920 Larimer Street, Denver, Colorado.

Our partner growers produce Tingflowers exclusively for us, ship them fresh overnight, and we use the immediately to make TINGALA. TINGALA is made from only the finest natural ingredients and contains no artificial color or ingredients.

TINGALA liqueur received government formula approval on March 21, 2012. TINGALA received government label approval on December 23, 2012.

TINGALA liqueur is made and bottled in Denver, Colorado by Tingala, LLC and Mile High Spirits, LLC.

We proudly make TINGALA in Colorado.

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