How to Drink Tingala

How should you drink Tingala? 

FOR TINGLE – Neat, Up or On the Rocks. Tingala’s mouth-numbing and natural herbal-floral flavor is enjoyed best at room temperature or slightly chilled. To serve Tingala neat, add a splash of water to smooth and extend the 100 proof spirits. Up: Serve Tingala stirred or shaken w/ice and strained. Or enjoy Tingala on the rocks, allowing its flavors to evolve for an extraordinary sipping experience.

FOR TASTE – In cocktails, Tingala has a delicious natural flavor and unique, stimulating character. At 100 proof and only light sweetened, it is designed to be a versatile new bar staple. Tingala’s floral-light cinnamon taste combines with spirits, mixers, syrups and shrubs. It enhances citrus, sweet, salt, chocolate and creamy tastes and textures and works well in both hot and cold drinks. It has a lovely nose.

FOR THE BEST OF BOTH – As a Float: Slowly pour ½ oz. Tingala over the back of a bar spoon on top of a mixed drink (i.e. mojito, gin & tonic) or glass of sparkling wine. This keeps the fun tingling flavor forward and provides a stunning top layer of amber color. Try it in pipettes or serve as you would absinthe.

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