How to Drink Tingala

How to Drink Tingala
July 15, 2017 tingala

How should you drink Tingala?

  1. Try it neat first. Tingala’s taste opening tingle and natural herbal-floral flavors are enjoyed best at room temperature or slightly chilled. We recommend trying Tingala neat first to understand and fully experience its flavors and exciting character. Adding a splash of water opens up our 100 proof spirits. Try Tingala up, or on the rocks for an extraordinary sipping experience.
  2. In Cocktails or alongside a beer. Tingala adds dimension to a variety of mixed drinks. Its tactile-taste element provides enjoyable mouth feel, and brightens the taste of other flavors in cocktails. At 100 proof and only light sweetened, Tingala is designed as a versatile cocktail addition. Its subtle floral and natural cinnamon flavors, and woodsy nose complement spirits, syrups, juices, shrubs, and mixers. Tingala enhances citrus, sweet, salt, and creamy flavors (it’s also excellent with chocolate!) and textures such as carbonated beverages. Tingala works well in both hot and cold drinks, and alongside a beer, offering endless possibilities.
  3. As a Top: Slowly pour ½ oz. Tingala over the back of a bar spoon held closely above the top of a drink such as a mojito, mule, gin & tonic, or a glass of sparkling wine. This technique is known as a cocktail float. Tingala’s fun, tingling flavor stays on top and creates a stunning top layer of amber color.
  4. Take it to a gathering. Pour sips for your friends! Tingala also makes a great gift!  In 375 ml and 750 ml sizes.


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