Tingala Infused Doughnuts

Carbon Beverage Café & Habit Doughnuts use culinary pipettes filled with Tingala to transform the presentation and taste experience of their delicious doughnuts. A squeeze of Tingala (about 4ml) brings out the yeasty flavor, enhancing the creaminess and the enjoyment! Dough tender Michael Gallegos prepares the confections for Habit. Tingala totally elevates any dessert flavor and texture, especially sweet, salty, citrus and chocolate! Try the pipettes idea with Tingala at home with cupcakes! To buy: Culinary Pipettes

Habit is the cheeky bakery on the Platte, in the old Paris on the old Paris on the Platte location at 15th: To read more:  Alcohol Infused Doughnuts


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