Tingala Top Technique

Tingala Top Technique
July 10, 2017 tingala

“Tingala Top” Technique

Spencer Janney of Denver’s The Preservery demonstrates how to add a Tingala Top to a cocktail. Tingala’s signature technique puts Tingala’s tingling mouth feel to the front, adds complexity, and creates a stunning, amber top layer to any drink. Enjoy Tingala in the first sips, or stir in, as desired. A topper makes any cocktail more satisfying. Instructions:

  1. Pour any beverage or glass of wine, or create a cocktail as you usually would, leaving a small amount of room at the top of the glass.
  2. Holding a bar spoon above the glass, fill the spoon with ½ oz. or more of Tingala liqueur (tip: use the back of the spoon instead to get even closer to the drink’s surface).
  3. Very slowly pour Tingala as a top layer of the drink and enjoy!

Spirits with a higher ABV/proof level are more buoyant than lower proof beverages, so when added to lower alcohol drinks naturally float on top. Tingala, at 50% ABV/100 proof, is well suited for use as a drink top.

This technique is also known as as cocktail float.

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