Tingala Chocolate Sauce

Tingala Chocolate Sauce
December 12, 2017 Susan Tews

Tingala Chocolate Sauce

Make this rich, creamy, tingly Tingala chocolate sauce to dip fruit, spoon over ice cream, or use as you’d like. Johannes Busch, Culinary instructor at Johnson & Wales University, created the recipe and showed us how he makes it. Recipe:

TINGALA CHOCOLATE SAUCE (makes a large batch)

10 oz heavy cream
20 oz milk chocolate* pieces
5 oz Tingala

Instructions: Bring cream to a boil and then pour over chocolate. Stir with whisk until lump free. Mix in Tingala. Leave sauce uncovered to cool. Serve as a dipping sauce or topping. To thin or for more tingle, add more Tingala.

*Recipe can be made substituting dark chocolate, using 10.5 oz., or white chocolate, 22 oz.

Johannes Busch is also the chocolatier behind ChoN’anga healthful chocolates, available in front range food and beverage shops.


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