July 10, 2017 Tingala

Tingala Float Technique

Spencer Janney demonstrates how to add a Tingala float to a cocktail, adding visual and tactile appeal. A float is a classic bar technique and an ideal way to modify any cocktail with Tingala.


  1. Create a cocktail, leaving a small amount of room in the glass.
  2. Hold a bar spoon just above the surface of the drink.
  3. Gently pour or drizzle over the back of the spoon ½ ounce of Tingala, creating a top layer.
  4. Serve.

Alternate method: Mist the inside of the glass with Tingala for added aroma before preparing the drink. Then add the float and serve.

When used as a float, Tingala’s remarkable tingling mouth feel comes through in the first few sips. A Tingala float adds flavor, finesse, and opens up the palate to the other flavors in any drink. It also creates a visually stunning, amber top layer to the drink.

Higher proof spirits are more buoyant than those with lower proof, or mixers, and layer according to proof. Tingala is 50% ABV/100 proof.

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