Tingala Float 3x4

Tingala Float Technique

Add a wow factor to almost any drink with a Tingala® float (or floater). When you want the intense tingling sensation up front, use this simple technique with a martini, mule, or mojito, or any cocktail, or with other beverages or mixers. Here’s how:

• Make a favorite cocktail or pour a glass of sparkling wine or flavored soda drink, leaving a small amount of room in the glass.
• Hold a bar spoon close to the surface of the drink.
• Gently drizzle ½ ounce of Tingala over the back of the spoon onto the top of the drink.

The Tingala remains on top and creates a stunning top layer of amber color. It adds flavor and tingle and opens the palate.

How does the float work? Higher proof spirits are more buoyant than those with lower proof or mixers and layer according to alcohol content. They are also more buoyant than liquids with higher sugar content, such as juices and sodas. Tingala is 50% ABV/100 proof and less sweet than most other liqueurs.

Alternate method: Mist the inside of the glass with Tingala for added aroma before preparing the drink. Then add the float and serve.