Float Technique: Modify Any Cocktail

Float Technique: Modify Any Cocktail
July 10, 2017 tingala

Tingala Float Technique – Take Your Cocktails to a New Level

Spencer Janney demonstrates how to add a Tingala float to a cocktail, adding sensoral and visual appeal. A float is a classic bar technique and an ideal way to modify any cocktail with Tingala.


  1. Create a cocktail as desired, leaving a small amount of room at the top of the glass.
  2. Holding a bar spoon above the glass, fill the spoon with ½ oz. or more of Tingala liqueur.
  3. Gently pour Tingala to create a top layer to the drink. (Tip: Or drizzle Tingala slowly over the back of a spoon to get closer to the drink’s surface.) Serve.

A Tingala float ensures that the liqueur’s remarkable tingling mouth feel comes through in the first few sips.  Tingala complements and can enhance other flavors and textures (particularly citrus, creaminess, effervescence…). A Tingala float is a sophisticated addition of flavor and complexity to any drink. It is also visually stunning, creating a beautiful amber top layer to the drink.

The principle behind the float technique is that higher proof spirits, which are more buoyant than those with lower proof, or mixers, stay on the cocktail’s surface. Tingala, at 50% ABV/100 proof, designed for flavor and to preserve its fresh botanicals, is well suited for use as a float.

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