What is the Tingala® Wasp About?

People sometimes ask about the logo on our Tingala bottle. It isn’t a bee, but a wasp, and a reference to a Brazilian legend about the flowers Tingala is made from. For centuries, indigenous people of the Para region in the Amazon River Basin of Brazil have used the spilanthes plant as food and medicine.

Today, we know that wasps are docile garden buddies which, like bees, are useful pollinators and also devour damaging insects. Like their bee cousins, wasps too need protection! We hope that our logo brings attention to efforts to protect pollinators! Learn more at Wasps Are the New Bees (Popular Science)

The legend? According to the Amazonian tribal tale, a wasp accidentally stung the small, yellow flower of the spilanthes plant (aka buzz buttons) and gave the flower its enticing tingling taste.

Today, you can enjoy the natural tingle of buzz buttons in Tingala.

Wasp on Flower