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The Tingala Wasp

What is the Tingala® Wasp About?

Legend has it that a wasp is the source of Tingala’s mysterious tingle.

People of Brazil’s Para region once told a creation tale that a wasp was attracted to the spilanthes flower, hovered very close, and accidentally stung it, forever giving the flower its enticing tingling taste. For centuries, indigenous people of the area used spilanthes, which is native to the region, as food and medicine. We love their legend and long appreciation of this unique botanical and have adopted the wasp as our brand mascot.

Wasps are docile garden buddies and like bees, useful pollinators. Wasps devour damaging insects and are beneficial to the overall environment. Like their bee cousins, they need protection.

Kansas City, Missouri artist Luke Lisi drew from examples of traditional South American art to create our wasp image which we proudly to feature on Tingala bottles, as an homage to our spirit’s Brazilian roots, and in recognition and support of the important role of pollinators in our world.

Our logo is also a reference to the mouth-buzzing taste of Tingala.

Pollinator Week is in June. Learn more at Wasps Are the New Bees (Popular Science) and Heather Holms’ 2021 book Wasps: Their Biology, Diversity, and Role as Beneficial Insects and Pollinators of Native Plants.

Wasp on Flower