Drinking Tingala Tingling Liqueur

Drinking Tingala Tingling Liqueur
July 15, 2017 tingala


  1. In cocktails. Tingala is designed as an excellent cocktail addition. It provides unique tactility and stimulates the taste buds, brightening many other flavors (citrus, sweet, salt, fruit…) and textures (such as effervescence). At 50% ABV and only lightly sweetened, Tingala is exceptionally versatile as a component to add dimension to a variety of mixed drinks, aperitifs and digestifs. Tingala’s natural, fresh botanical and whole cinnamon flavors–evocative of fruit, allspice, and citrus–complement the taste of many other spirits, mixers, shrubs, bitters, and syrups/sweeteners. Tingala’s mouth feel brings new character to both traditional and re-imagined or new cocktails. Use Tingala in drinks in place of gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, cachaça, and flavored liqueurs. Tingala is delicious in both cold and hot drinks.
  2. On the side. For exceptional pairings, serve Tingala on the side with a beer or sparkling wine. Or sip after dinner with a chocolate, fruit, or crème brulee dessert.
  3. As a Float. Our signature technique: Slowly pour ½ oz. Tingala over the back of a bar spoon held close above the top of a mixed drink, such as a mojito, mule, gin & tonic, or a glass of sparkling wine. The tingling Tingala remains on top, and creates a stunning top layer of amber color.
  4. To sip. Try Tingala neat, up, or on the rocks to fully enjoy its palate-expanding mouth feel and natural herbal-citrus flavors. Adding a splash of water opens up our 100 proof spirits for an extraordinary sipping experience. Those adventurous enough to try Tingala neat will enjoy excitingly intense tingling taste. Note that Tingala’s characteristic tingle builds in the first few sips, and the tingle will lasts for several minutes.
  5. Take it to a gathering. Pour sips for your friends! Tingala makes a great gift! In 375 ml and 750 ml sizes.