Tingala Spirits

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Tingala is buzz button liqueur.

Adventurous spirits for the adventurous at heart.

Sensory appeal and delicious flavor, handcrafted in Denver, Colorado.

The Taste

Tingala liqueur is designed to elevate a drink’s taste and mouthfeel. It features the natural botanical flavors of spilanthes flowers (buzz buttons) and cinnamon, with citrus brightness and a pleasing, aromatic bouquet. Its exciting tingling sensation lasts for a few minutes.

Improve cocktails by using Tingala as a base spirit, modifier, or accent. Adaptable and less sweet, it is a creative addition to the modern bar. Its delicious flavor also makes it ideal for sipping.


“The beauty of Tingala
is it modifies a cocktail in
new and exciting ways.
It’s versatile, flavorful,
and like nothing else.”

-Bob Tews, Tingala maker


Tingala Float

Add a WOW FACTOR to any drink: Float a tingling layer of Tingala on top: Gently pour ½ oz. of Tingala over a spoon held just above the cocktail.

The Tingle

You will notice Tingala’s tingle in the first few sips.

It lasts for several minutes. The invigorating, taste expanding mouth feel comes from a natural compound in the flower that delivers tactility.

“From an anatomical sense, we always mention smell and taste, but in terms of flavor, there is that third leg…that everyone forgets about, and that is the somatasensory, or the touch component and this includes things like the tingle from carbon dioxide…or the creaminess (of cheese)… You really end up stimulating all the different parts of the flavor construct that we experience.”

-Penn State Univ. Sensory Evaluation Center Director John Hayes



Other names for the Spilanthes flower are: Buzz Button, Szechuan Button, Electric Daisy, and Tingflower.

“This simple little flower…manages to activate the sense of touch, on top of taste and smell, and really heightens flavors.”  –-www. liquor.com

Tingala Flatters Flavor

The spilanthes plant is also known as the “super taster flower.”

Fresh Flower to Bottle

Our Colorado family set out to create an authentic, legacy liqueur that meets our high standards for a handcrafted product made with skill, passion, and responsibly sourced ingredients.

HAND OF THE MAKER: Using fresh botanicals with an extraordinary mouth-tingling quality, Tingala brings an exciting new flavor to the world of fine drinking. 

We developed and perfected the artisanal process that captures the essence of the amazing spilanthes flowers. Safe and FDA-approved, the variety of flowers that we use (acmella alba) is the highest quality and most flavorful of the more than 60 spilanthes plants in its genus. We use only this variety, at its peak of freshness, with nothing artificial added, to make our product.



We make every batch of Tingala by hand, using only fresh, hand-picked flowers flown overnight to us from U.S. farmers, crushed real cinnamon (no extracts), top-notch corn-based neutral spirits, dextrose, and pure Colorado water.

Made with Quality Ingredients, Family, Passion, and Community

The Flower

Tingala’s distinctive mouthfeel comes from fresh acmella alba, or spilanthes, flowers, a member of the aster and daisy family. It is a tropical perennial native to Brazil. There it is known as paracress, brede mafane (bredes), toothache plant, and jambu.

A natural compound, spilanthol, found in the small yellow flowers, creates a bioactive process, chemesthesis. This changes taste, via the trigeminal nerve, to flatter flavors. Mixologists use this trait to great advantage in creating exceptional cocktails using Tingala. 

A new flavor to some in the U.S., spilanthes acmella is a popular folk medicine and culinary ingredient around the world. In Brazil and Madagascar, it is cooked in delectable stews. Tingala offers drinkers a delicious way to enjoy this fascinating fresh botanical in cocktails!


Supremely Interesting, Surprisingly Sublime

In a Category of its Own

What does it take to create something truly different in the world of spirits? At a time when global brands are cranking out generic whiskeys, rums, and gins, artificially flavored vodkas, and ordinary cordials, Tingala’s delicious, natural tingling taste is a true innovation and is unlike anything else.

Tingala defies classification. A small craft brand, it is the only U.S. spirit featuring the exciting taste of fresh, handpicked spilanthes flowers, the “super taster flower,” which can improve other flavors. Tingala goes beyond the everyday experience of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. It provides a new immersive dimension to cocktails, with natural botanical flavor and assertive, taste enhancing tactility. 

Unlike some brands–some big ones–who claim to be different, Tingala is truly one of a kind.

Please look for it in the cordials or liqueurs aisle, in 375ml and 750ml sizes.

Versatile and Better


“Bottled in bond” is  a Prohibition-era term for 100 proof spirits, which was the quality standard of the time. With today’s revival of interest in Prohibition-era drinking, thoughtfully crafted higher proof cocktails can transport imbibers to these times gone by or exotic locales. Higher proof also helps preserve the flavor and integrity of fresh ingredients.

In the tradition of classic American spirits, Tingala is 100 proof /50% ABV (alcohol by volume).

Today’s drinkers seek value in their high end cocktails, and they also know that higher ABV liquors are a better value and reduce packaging waste.


While many other liqueurs are laden with sweeteners, sometimes to mask less desirable flavors, Tingala is intentionally less sweet. We don’t ask you to pay for added sugars. Tingala’s straightforward and more balanced flavor profile makes it a versatile cocktail addition. We recommend it as a base, modifier, or accent in martinis, old fashioneds, mules, sours, or other cocktails. Even a small amount of Tingala used in cocktails opens the taste buds, boosting the enjoyment of bar drinks.

Tingala adds one-of-a-kind character, flavor, strength, and classic American expression to cocktails.


Tingala Martinez

Make it with Tingala, Old Tom gin, sweet vermouth, and curacao.