Tingala - Feel the Tingle

Buzz button spirits made
with fresh flowers native
to Brazil with a natural
tingling taste

Tingala - Feel the Tingle

Buzz button spirits made
with fresh flowers native
to Brazil with a natural
tingling taste

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Buzz Button Flower Duo

“This simple little flower…manages to activate the sense of touch, on top of taste and smell, and really heightens flavors.” – liquor.com

The Taste

Tingala is like nothing you’ve tasted before!

With the incredibly unique tingling taste of fresh spilanthes (buzz buttons), natural herbal flavor, real cinnamon, and citrus notes, it has an aromatic bouquet and is less sweet than traditional liqueurs. 

Tingala’s enticing tongue-buzzing taste develops in the first sips and lasts for several minutes, offering an extraordinary taste experience!

The Tingle

You will notice Tingala’s tingle in the first few sips.

The surprising, crazy tingling sensation is produced by a natural compound in buzz buttons (spilanthes) which quickly enlivens the tissues of the mouth, tongue, and lips. Some describe it as a buzzing, slightly numbing (in pleasing way), or similar to Pop Rocks!

Part of the experience is a refreshing, mouth-watering sensation that stimulates the taste buds to heighten overall enjoyment of flavors and textures. This makes Tingala spirits ideal as a cocktail ingredient or sipped alongside foods or other drinks.

Taste the Tingle with Tingala

Tingala spirits are the only in the US crafted from fresh buzz button flowers

Tingala spirits are the only in the US crafted from fresh buzz button flowers

Tingala - The Buzz Spirit


Tingala liqueur, at 50% alcohol, is made to be mixed! 

It is a delicious and exciting way to reimagine and invigorate cocktails! Its higher alcohol content and lower sweetness gives mixologists flexibility in customizing cocktails.

Use it as a base, modifier, accent or float. Try it as a chaser or in a shot drink recipe. We invite you to try one of our signature drinks or use Tingala in your own cocktail creation. Adaptable and delicious, Tingala liqueur is the secret ingredient you didn’t know your drink needs. 

We handcraft Tingala liqueur using fresh buzz buttons (spilanthes flowers), real crushed cinnamon, top notch spirits, liquid cane sugar and pure Colorado Eldorado water.

Tingala Gold

Tingala Gold

Sippable, Shootable, Shareable!

Introducing our newest specialty spirit! Tingala Gold has the same cinnamon-citrus flavor and natural, intense tingling as original 100 proof Tingala liqueur and is lower proof, slightly sweeter, and priced right for sampling and socializing.

We handcraft Tingala Gold at 35% alcohol by volume using fresh buzz buttons (spilanthes flowers), cinnamon, vanilla, and agave nectar to create a balanced, approachable flavor profile for drinking straight or mixing. Tingala Gold is the ideal way to introduce friends to buzz button spirits!

Spilanthes, the buzz button flower

Buzz Buttons (also called electric daisies, paracress, or szechuan buttons), are the bud-like flowers of the spilanthes plant, an herb used for centuries for cooking and in folk medicine. Tingala offers modern drinkers a delicious new way to enjoy this fascinating botanical!

Flower to Bottle

Our family’s humble vision was to apply skill, passion, and curiosity to produce one of the most interesting spirits in the world.

We make Tingala using only fresh botanicals and other all natural ingredients, with no extracts or artificial ingredients. Safe and FDA-approved, the buzz button flowers that we use are the most flavorful variety of spilanthes plants available. U.S. growers cultivate and handpick the flowers, which they send to us at their peak of freshness.

Our artisanal process captures the essence of these amazing flowers in a liqueur for your enjoyment!

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Nothing Else is Like Tingala

It is not often that an entirely different new type of spirit comes along, but Tingala spirits are in a category of their own, offering a true one-of-a-kind drinking experience!

Our spirits have bold tingling character, authentic fresh botanical flavor, and natural sensory appeal unlike any other US spirit:

  • Tingala liqueur is 50% alcohol by volume and is a premium spirit that can transform the cocktail experience!
  • Tingala GOLD specialty spirit is 35% alcohol by volume and has the same amazing mouth-tingling experience as its 100 proof liqueur cousin, but it is formulated for those interested in trying Tingala spirits straight up. Please look for (or ask for!) Tingala spirits in your retailer’s liqueurs or cordials aisle.