Buzz button spirits made with fresh flowers native to Brazil with a natural tingling taste

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“This simple little flower…manages to activate the sense of touch, on top of taste and smell, and really heightens flavors.” – liquor.com

The Taste

Tingala is like nothing you’ve tasted before. It is awash in the incredibly unique tingling taste of fresh spilanthes (buzz buttons), natural herbal flavor, real cinnamon, and citrus notes. It has an aromatic bouquet and is less sweet than traditional liqueurs. 

Tingala’s enticing tongue-buzzing taste develops in the first sips and lasts for several minutes. Tingala heightens flavor and texture while offering an extraordinary taste experience!

The Tingle

You will notice Tingala’s tingle in the first few sips.

While we traditionally think of flavor as taste and smell, Tingala activates receptors outside of these pathways, hitting the third — tactile or somatosensory — part of the flavor construct.

A natural compound (spilanthol) in buzz buttons triggers the “touch” or trigeminal nerves in a unique way, allowing drinkers to more fully experience a drink’s flavors and textures. Tingala’s uplifting mouthfeel enhances your enjoyment of cocktails.

Tingala is the only U. S. spirit crafted from fresh buzz button flowers

Bartender with Tingala Drink

How to Use

Tingala is made to be mixed. Its higher ABV and lower sweetness allows the mixologist flexibility in customizing cocktails. It adds distinctive flavor and a palpable tactile note to mixed drinks. Use it as a base spirit, modifier, or accent in cocktails, in one of our signature drinks, or as a chaser, a float, or in a cocktail creation of your own. Adaptable and delicious, Tingala is a creative addition to the modern bar.

Tingala is the secret ingredient you didn’t know your drink needs! It is an exciting way to reimagine and invigorate cocktails!

Buzz Buttons are the bud-like flowers of spilanthes (acmella alba), a plant valued for culinary use and in traditional folk medicine. Tingala offers drinkers a delicious way to enjoy this fascinating botanical in cocktails!

“(The flower) opens up the nether regions of your palate.” - Anthony Bourdain

Flower to Bottle

Our family’s humble vision was to apply skill and passion to produce one of the most interesting spirits in the world. We have achieved that goal with amazing and delicious results!

We make Tingala with only fresh botanicals and other all natural, responsibly sourced ingredients. Safe and FDA-approved, the variety of flowers that we use is the highest quality and most flavorful of the more than 60 spilanthes plants in its genus. We use only this variety, handpicked at its peak of freshness, with nothing artificial added.

Our artisanal process captures the essence of these amazing flowers.

Man looking at bottle

Changing the World of Spirits

It’s not often that an entirely different new spirit comes along. Ours has bold tingling character, natural botanical flavor, and sensory appeal unlike any other U.S. spirit. Tingala is in a spirits class of its own.

At the bar, Tingala enhances taste and transforms cocktails. As a shot drink ingredient, it is an innovative alternative to the traditional, offering a one-of-a-kind experience. As a premium spirit for sipping, it is simply other-worldly.

Unlike some brands–some big ones–who claim to be different, tingling Tingala is truly unique. Find it in the liqueurs and cordials aisle.

Higher Proof

Tingala is 50% alcohol by volume, high enough ABV to showcase its tingly, assertive personality no matter how you use it. Its higher ABV preserves Tingala’s just-harvested flavor for longer shelf life, reduces packaging, and delivers excellent flavor and value.


Lower in sugar than many other liqueurs, with no heavy sweetness, Tingala is well suited for use in classic cocktails. It is savory, versatile, and pairs well with other liquors and mixers. It can be a base, accent, or finishing touch for both familiar or inventive modern drinks.

Tingala adds interest, flavor, and tactility to drinks. It is becoming a delectable new bar staple.