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From the Amazon River Basin to the world of cocktails, Tingala® is the most extraordinary new innovation in the world of spirits.

With mouth-buzzing tactile-taste and delicious flavor, Tingala offers drinkers a unique flavor experience in a premium liqueur.

Handcrafted spirits for the adventurous at heart.

The Taste

Tingala® features the botanical garden flavor of  spilanthes flower buttons and real crushed cinnamon. Its taste is evocative of fruits and allspice, with hints of citrus. Tingala has a light, balanced sweetness, fragrant nose, and rich botanical base.

IN COCKTAILS: Use Tingala in a variety of drinks, substituting for any base spirit in favorite cocktails. It is ideal as a rinse or float. A natural compound in the botanical used to make Tingala stimulates the taste buds and has been called the “super taster” flower.

FOR SIPPING: Drink Tingala as you would any fine brown spirits. We recommend adding a splash of water. If a sweeter taste is desired, add simple syrup. Tingala is best enjoyed at room temperature or slightly chilled.


“The beauty of Tingala
is it modifies a cocktail in
new and exciting ways,
and you can get it only in the Denver metro area.” 

-Bob Tews, Tingala spiritsmaster


Tingala Float

ENHANCE to any drink by floating a tingling layer of Tingala on the surface: Gently pour 3/4 oz. Tingala (half jigger or less) over a spoon held just above the cocktail.


The Tingle

You will notice Tingala®’s tingle in the first few sips.

It lasts for several minutes. This playful, taste-expanding mouth feel is due to a natural bioactive compound that delivers tactility.

“From an anatomical sense, we always mention smell and taste, but in terms of flavor, there is that third leg…that everyone forgets about, and that is the somatasensory, or the touch component and this includes things like the tingle from carbon dioxide…or the creaminess (of cheese)… You really end up stimulating all the different parts of the flavor construct that we experience.”

-Penn State Univ. Sensory Evaluation Center Director John Hayes



“This simple little flower…manages to activate the sense of touch, on top of taste and smell, and really heightens flavors.”  –-www. liquor.com


Botanical to Bottle

In the tradition of European spirits and liqueur makers, our Colorado family set out to create an authentic, fun, new spirit that meets our high standards for a handcrafted product made with skill, passion, and responsibly sourced ingredients.

Using fresh botanicals with a distinctive mouth-tingling quality, Tingala® brings an exciting new and enticing flavor to the world of fine drinking.

We developed and perfected the artisanal process that captures the essence of these amazing flowers (aka buzz buttons, electric daisy, toothache plant, or Tingflowers®). Tingala® is the first spirit of its kind, made from these flowers.

We navigated the world of botanicals to discover the highest quality and most flavorful of the more than 40 spilanthes plants in it genus. Safe and FDA-approved, this variety is the one we use, at its peak of freshness, with other all-natural ingredients, to make our product.

Tingala contains no artificial ingredients or color and is gluten free.

We make every batch of Tingala® by hand, using only fresh, hand-picked flowers flown overnight to us from U.S. growers, crushed real cinnamon (no extracts), top-notch corn-based neutral spirits, dextrose sweetener, and pure Colorado water.

We are proud of our family and what it took to create Tingala®, and grateful to the friends, family, experts, and craftspeople who helped us get here. We produce Tingala® at Mile High Spirits in Denver.

Drink Original

“The right liquor product at the right time can change the spirits industry.”

Premium Quality. Confidently Different. 


A Reflection

What does it take to create something new in the world of fine spirits? At a time when the large, global brands are cranking out generic vodkas, gins, bourbons and rums, Tingala® has created something truly different from the old-school liquor classifications.

While categorized as a liqueur, Tingala is stronger and drier than most liqueurs or cordials, and more versatile. Made from spilanthes flowers (aka buzz buttons or electric daisies), it delivers delicious flavor and a unique natural tactility that tickles the taste buds and can elevate the drinker’s enjoyment of flavors and textures. Tingala’s exciting mouthfeel is simply different from anything you have had before. How to use Tingala? Sip it, or in cocktails, use as a base, accent, or modifier.

Our reflection? Unlike some brands–some big ones–who only claim to be different and better, Tingala is authentically innovative, and better. Tingala is the leader in the category of premium tingling spirits. Drink different. Add it to your bar. Until the liquor arbiters officially assign it a spirits bracket all its own…you can find Tingala in the liqueur & cordials aisle, in 375ml and 750ml sizes.

Tingala is 50% alcohol by volume. Please drink responsibly.

Stronger, Better




Higher alcohol brands such as Tingala® are moving into the mainstream because they enhance flavors. Tingala is higher proof to allow the best expression of its distinctive flavor while preserving its fresh ingredients.

Tingala is 50% alcohol by volume/100 proof. “Bottled in bond” is  a Prohibition-era term for 100 proof spirits, which was the quality standard of the time. With today’s revival of interest in Prohibition-era drinking, thoughtfully crafted higher proof cocktails can transport imbibers to these times gone by or exotic locales.

Today’s drinkers also seek value in their high end cocktails, and they know that higher ABV (alcohol by volume) liquors add value and reduce packaging waste.


Our liqueur is intentionally less sweet, using healthier dextrose. compared to most other liqueurs, which are 50 to 70 proof and can be laden with sweeteners. (In other words, we don’t ask you to pay for added sugars.)

Used sparingly or as a cocktail base, Tingala® adds one-of-a-kind character, flavor, strength, and classic American expression to cocktails.


“Tingala Martinez”

Make it with Tingala®, Old Tom gin, sweet vermouth, and curacao.