Tingala For Cocktails

Tingala For Cocktails
January 28, 2018 Susan Tews


Tingala has sensory appeal unlike any other U.S. spirits. Delicious on its own, it also facilitates the expression of many other flavors in a bar drink. For drinkers seeking the exceptional or looking to reimagine mixed drinks, Tingala is a modern and excellent addition to the bar.


Try Tingala as a modifier, accent or swapped out for a base spirit in classic cocktails such as a Martini, Margarita, Old Fashioned, or Bloody Mary. Or enjoy Tingala signature cocktails such as the Esperanza, Electric Daisy, No Borders, Passionala Cosmo, Tingala Negroni, or Denver Handshake.

When the tingling taste is wanted up front, Tingala works well as a float, such as on a Last Word or a Moscow Mule. (Just pour gently over the back of a bar spoon held just above the cocktail’s surface.) Mixed into a drink, use it to add nuance and an unexpected note, and take a cocktail from good to great. SEE OUR COCKTAILS page for more.


In the Tingala Boulevardier, the cocktail’s primary character is derived from Campari’s tannic dryness, sweet vermouth, and rich rye whiskey base notes. Tingala elevates these flavors while adding tactility and citrus-spice notes of its own. When enjoying this cocktail, notice the soft current of expanding mouthfeel, the slow blossoming of the drink’s lusciously tart, cherry-like flavors, and its smooth finish.


1.25 oz rye whisky
.75 oz Tingala
.5 oz Campari liqueur
.5 oz sweet vermouth
orange twist garnish

To make: Combine all the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with a single large ice cube. Stir. Garnish with an orange twist, and serve.


Here are a few suggested flavor and texture pairings.

  • Tingala “Flavor Buddies” include fruit, berry, vanilla, cocoa, coffee, cinnamon, nutty, herbal, smoky, tannic, sweet, or spice notes. Additionally, Tingala pairs well with amaro, cachaça, gin, liqueurs, mezcal, vermouth, and whiskey.
  • Tingala “Texture Buddies” are soda, tonic, juice, carbonated beverages including bubbly mixers, sparkling wine, sodas, and beer, “dry,” creamy, or fatty textures, and more.

Think of adding a splash of Tingala to mixed drinks as you would add a dash of salt, spice, or fresh herbs to cooked dishes. For more impact, use it as the base spirit in a cocktail.


A natural compound in the spilanthes flowers (aka buzz buttons or electric daisies) produces the pleasant tingling feeling. It also biochemically increases perception and enjoyment of flavors and textures. Whether fronted as a main ingredient in a drink or more subtly in the background, Tingala adds that “certain something.” Simply put, Tingala naturally makes cocktails taste better.


Both Tingala’s higher ABV and lower sweetness allows the mixologist ultimate versatility in customizing cocktails.

Our liqueur is superior to home or bar concocted infusions which often contain chlorophyll, or bitter grassy notes that are found in many botanicals. An aspect of Tingala of which we are most proud is our proprietary process, perfected over five years of development, which eliminates any plant fiber bitterness. We bring out the fresh botanical’s very best flavors, maximizing the unique character that makes these fresh flowers so seductive.

Tingala is exciting, intense, and different from anything else. To start, try a small sip and keep it forward in the mouth. Move on from there to make and enjoy your own cocktail creations!