“The beauty of Tingala® is it modifies a cocktail in new and exciting ways. It’s versatile, flavorful, and like nothing else.” – Bob Tews, Tingala maker

– For drinkers seeking the exceptional or looking to reimagine mixed drinks, award-winning Tingala buzz button liqueur is a unique way to invigorate cocktails. It is the first spirit of its kind in the US, a handcrafted liqueur made from flowers with a natural tingling taste.

Decidedly not a neutral spirit, Tingala offers an exciting complement and/or alternative to traditional drink choices! Use it as a component combined with or in place of other spirits and with juices or other mixers. Serve a sip on the side with other bar drinks. Keep it in the well and think of it as a cocktail seasoning, adding a splash to elevate nearly any mixed drink. Tingala brings out other flavors and textures and adds an unexpected note, taking ordinary cocktails from good to great.

Savory, not sweet, with concentrated flavor, and at 50% ABV, it adds character and dimension to cocktails, allowing the mixologist ultimate versatility in customizing drinks. It is equally satisfying in both dry and sweet mixed drinks. Tingala’s characteristic tingle builds in the first few sips lasts for several minutes. Once you’ve tried Tingala in cocktails, you won’t go back.

Be creative with Tingala liqueur! Sub for, or use it as a split base, with vodka, tequila, gin, rum, whiskey, mezcal, or brandy to invent your own variations on special  cocktails! For more ways to enjoy, see DRINKING TINGALA

TRY A TINGALA BOULEVARDIER. The cocktail’s primary character is derived from Campari’s tannic dryness, sweet vermouth, and rich rye whiskey base notes. Tingala elevates these flavors while adding tactility and citrus-spice notes of its own. When enjoying this cocktail, notice the soft current of expanding mouthfeel, the slow blossoming of the drink’s lusciously tart, cherry-like flavors, and its smooth finish.

1.25 oz rye whisky
.75 oz Tingala
.5 oz Campari liqueur
.5 oz sweet vermouth
orange twist garnish

To make: Combine all the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with a single large ice cube. Stir. Garnish with an orange twist and serve.