Tingala in Glass_

Tasting Notes

Tingala® buzz button liqueur is a handcrafted Colorado spirit designed to expand a drink’s flavor and mouthfeel. It is the first U.S. liqueur made from exotic flowers native to Brazil with a natural tingling taste. Our spirit creates a new, immersive dimension in cocktails. With exciting flavor and assertive, taste enhancing tactility, it is an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind experience! Nothing else tastes or feels like Tingala.

What does Tingala taste like?
Tingala features cinnamon-allspice base notes and uplifting, lemon-citrus accents. Fresh tropical spilanthes flowers or buzz buttons contribute a light flavor of their own. Tingala is savory, herbal, woodsy, and has a pleasing bouquet. People have compared drinking our spirit to a Pop Rocks® like experience but with the depth and nuance of the premium spirit that it is.

How should someone try Tingala for the first time?
Take a small sip and keep it forward in the mouth. Sip Tingala slow-w-w-l-y. At 100 proof and with surprising robust flavor, its concentrated flavor will surprise you. Sip, don’t shoot.

Will it affect the way I taste things?
Yes! For the better! The spilanthes botanical that we use is known as nature’s “super taster flower.” It slightly increases salivation, opening the taste buds to more flavors, and so makes Tingala a uniquely desirable addition to drinks or accompaniment to food.

Our spirit adds that “certain something” to drinks, improving the drinker’s experience by bringing out surprising and delightful notes in the cocktail. Most people taste new nuances — heightened tartness, sweetness, effervescence, earthiness, or crispness. Those with exceptional palates especially notice this effect.

Try this taste experiment!
To experience for yourself how Tingala affects taste, have a sip of plain water or a favorite beer, followed by a sip of Tingala; keep it forward in your mouth for a moment before swallowing; then return to taste the water or beer and notice the difference. For most people, the water tastes remarkably better and the beer more flavorful and effervescent. This also works well with fatty/creamy foods, salty snacks, or tannic-like flavors like chocolate or nuts.