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Our Approach

“We do things a little differently at Tingala. You won’t find a dedicated distillery or a tasting room to visit. We are a lean, local family operation representative of the new wave of independent, artisanal craft spirits makers.” – Tews Family –

We make Tingala “flower to bottle,” using only fresh spilanthes (acmella alba) flowers, aka buzz buttons, hand harvested at the peak of ripeness and flown to us overnight from U.S. growers, with other all-natural ingredients, to bring out the botanical’s best flavor while maximizing the flowers’ seductive character.


Like all liqueurs, Tingala is made using a blended maceration process. Our family’s spiritsmaster makes every small batch by hand, beginning with soaking the herbs in neutral spirits to coax out its tingling essence.

We build production around the plant’s growing season, roughly from April to November, using only fresh flowers, never extracts, dried or frozen plants, or artificial flavors.

At Tingala, we are proud of our proprietary process, perfected over five years of development, which eliminates plant fiber bitterness. We maximize the unique natural botanical character that makes these fresh flowers so seductive.

Crushed real cinnamon, an addition common in traditional European herbal spirits, is a perfect complement in Tingala to the herbal taste of the flowers. We use top-notch spirits and pure Colorado water, bottling at 50% alcohol by volume (100 proof) in Golden, Colorado. We use recyclable glass bottles screen printed with organic ink and 100% recycled cartons.


Tingala is gluten free.

An ounce of Tingala contains 64 calories. We use natural sugar (dextrose), 25% lower in calories and more easily dissolvable than table sugar. At only ½ gram of sugar per ounce, (about 10%), our spirit is notably less sweet than most traditional liqueurs, which typically contain 3 to 11 grams of sugar per ounce. Tingala’s straightforward, savory, and balanced flavor profile makes it a versatile, flavorful cocktail addition.

At 100 proof, our spirit brings classic American expression to cocktails, adding one-of-a-kind character, fresh, distinctive flavor, and value while keeping packaging to a minimum.