Tingala Absinthe Cocktail

Tingala Absinthe Cocktail

1 part absinthe
1 part Tingala
sugar cube

Make this drink using an absinthe fountain, brouillier*, or perforated spoon.

To make with a perforated spoon, simply fill a cordial glass with about ½ ounce each Tingala and absinthe. Place a sugar cube in a small perforated spoon, holding the spoon over the glass. Very slowly drip water over the sugar, allowing the liquid to drip into the glass, until the sugar has mostly dissolved. You should have about 4-6 parts water per the Tingala-absinthe mixture.

To make the drink using a brouilleur, perch the device atop an absinthe or cordial glass filled with about ½ ounce each absinthe and Tingala. Place a sugar cube in the base, and add 2-3 ounces of ice water, which will cause the device’s lever to rock back and forth, slowly dripping the sweetened liquid into the glass.

To use an absinthe fountain, partially fill the fountain with iced water, pour absinthe into a glass with a perforated spoon perched over the top of the glass with 1 or 2 sugar cubes on top of the spoon. Using the device’s lever, drip the water over the sugar cube as slowly as possible.

*Fountains and brouilleurs date to the late 1800’s and serve to evenly dispense sugar and water into absinthe as part of the louche (haze) ritual, reducing absinthe’s alcohol content to about that of wine.